Born in Omaha, Nebraska, a recent graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Media, Arizona State University.
Mother of three adults, and a grandmother of five. Holds a degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Film and Media.

After many challenges, distractions, struggles, and setbacks my resilience, faith, and tenacity to thrive expedited a laser focus to plunge forward and complete my goals, pursue my dreams and accept the mantel of my life.

My first book will dive into the beginnings of my life, with shocking twists and turns, all based on True events. 

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Nicole has maintained a rigorous active lifestyle in tennis, track, weight-lifting, swimming, and frequent walks to maintain healthy fitness. She eliminated red meat and pork from her diet to control and reduce the risks of conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Incorporating a balance of rich green leafy vegetables, fruit, fish, and plenty of water to promote hydration, and high levels of fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Nicole encourages plant-based products as a replacement for red meats and pork to satisfy her cravings when dining out or at home.

On any given day she consumes half a gallon of water and green tea for hydration. Age is just a number until the makeup is removed and you standing on a scale trying to remember how did this happen?

New Book Arrival

"In One Moment" contains a collection of short stories that confront hidden secrets, painful memories, dysfunctional relationships, life and death situations, harrowing events and out-of-body experiences. The main character discovers she has an Angel protecting her life, leading her on a path of discovery, with many supernatural gifts. A series of conflicting issues begin to stir up her dormant gifts, to avail those she encounters. When her unique powers are tested, she struggles with the fear of rejection from those she knows and criticism from the unknown. What she discovers is the Shield of Prayer, Faith in God and herself. Within seconds she realizes: In One Moment anything can change or happen. The final outcome astonishes her beliefs and immediate faith in knowing there is a greater power inside of her and God. This book will open the minds of those who had similar experiences, but fail to speak about it because of criticism and ridicule.

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About our podcast
how it all started!

My Podcast was intentionally created to amplify unheard voices who reveal their personal "Tragedy to Triumph" stories. Those who were afraid to speak their truth, because of fear, ridicule, or unjust judgment from others. The products, memorabilia, workshops, seminars, sessions, and services will motivate, inspire and push the audience to download their innermost feelings that relate to others who remain silent. Topics are edgy, transparent, and invoking.

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A prophetic word spoken was declared and decreed, and It came to pass!

In 2008, Prophet Steve Cramer, spoke @ Ambassador Family Church, Oceanside, CA, where I was a member. I never met or heard of him before. He walked over and prophesied a word over my life, and It came to pass! No one knew I was writing a book, and while I was burdened with the recent passing of my Father's death, God encouraged me to continue to write, and So Shall it Be!

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