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Drugs, Power and Respect

A journey into a life of pain, regret and transformation.

Imagine a day in the life of a convicted felon who achieved notoriety, surviving the streets, withstanding bullets and chasing the game.

A teenager who lived by the street code, gaining respect from those who dared to oppose him, and feared by skeptics who heard of his name.

A chilling nightmare that was not a dream.

Are we speaking of Frank Lucas?

No, we are talking about a Brooklyn native, who daily escaped fear as a sheep amongst wolves in Brownsville, New York. He was blessed to dodge premature death, drug addiction and the paradox of unwed fatherhood.

After rising above the pain of self-destruction, an Angel approached him with an unprecedented offer, which opened doors that changed his life.

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Soon thereafter, he started selling drugs for Panamanians bringing home over a $1,000.00 a week, in a rented salon. The drug lord groomed him to sell without being caught by the Feds.

After convincing the drug lords to open the salon on Sundays, when they normally were closed, independently he gained notoriety in the community and gained respect for the quality of drugs sold. His sales increased in one day to $5,000.00 daily.

Jealousy, hostility and rumors began to fuel his fellow comrades, concerning the weight and money he commanded. Retaliation into a gun battle, to gain his power on the streets landed him in jail, and surviving a near death experience.

While incarcerated, his perspective of life began to change as he witnessed death, betrayal and suffrage, and the untimely death of his parents at an early age and vowed to make a permanent change.


#American Gangster


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